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Terms and conditions

Rules we follow to have an excellent collaboration

The website is owned and operated by IDEBA CONSULTING SRL, CIF: RO 22059050, Registration No .: J33 / 1060/2007.

By accessing and using this site, you agree to its privacy policy, and by placing an online order (as well as by phone or email) you agree to the terms and conditions of this online store, expressed in accordance with Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 of 04/06/2014 regarding the consumers’ rights within the contracts concluded with the professionals, as well as for the modification and completion of some normative acts.
If you do not agree with the privacy policy, the terms and conditions of the site, you should not continue accessing it.

The site will continue to be called SITE, and IDEBA CONSULTING SRL will be called FIRMA.

1. The content

THE CONTENT refers to any visual, written or notification information found on the SITE or sent via email.

The images used and the texts on the SITE are informative and may vary or differ occasionally from the characteristics of the products presented. FIRMA does not assume responsibility for any discrepancy between the products and their pictures provided online.

THE CONTENT is exclusively for presentation and does not represent a contractual obligation of the COMPANY.

2. The contract

The CONTRACT refers to the COMPANY’s obligation to supply the products to the customer who placed an ORDER and paid for it online or to the COMPANY’s obligation to provide the products requested by the customer through an ORDER, after the ORDER has been confirmed by telephone by the COMPANY.

The notification received by email immediately after placing the ORDER online is not considered a confirmation and, as a result, is not considered a CONTRACT.

3. Orders

ORDER refers to the action of requesting products or services using the „Complete order” button in the shopping cart. THE ORDER is considered a CONTRACT between the parties when the payment has been received.

The notification received by the customer by email immediately after placing the ORDER is not a confirmation. ORDER confirmation is made by phone or by a second email sent by the COMPANY, regardless of whether the ORDER has been pre-paid or not.

By placing an ORDER on the SITE, the customer agrees with the terms and conditions of the SITE and is considered to be aware of the order form confirmation of the COMPANY.

For objective reasons, FIRMA reserves the right to notify the customer exclusively by phone in case it is necessary to change the number of products or services in the ORDER. Furthermore, the customer will decide whether to accept the change or cancel the order, with full or partial refund of the amount paid, as appropriate.

For ORDERS in which the customer chooses to pick up from the COMPANY’s headquarters, the prices and reservations of products and / or services are valid for 48 hours from the confirmation of the customer’S ORDER by the COMPANY, in case the ORDER is not pre-paid.

4. Collection of the value of the ORDER by cash on delivery.

At the time of issuing the invoice, the value of the decimal corresponding to the total ORDER will be rounded down if the decimal is below 50 bani and in addition if the decimal exceeds the threshold of 50 bani inclusive. For example: (50.4 is rounded to 50 ron and 50.5 is rounded to 51 ron).

The terms and conditions of use can be modified at any time by updating this SITE, these modifications becoming mandatory and with immediate effect for all USERS / CLIENTS.

For any clarifications, please contact us at

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