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Prăjim cafea autentică cu multă în Suceava

About us

Starting from the bakery and continuing with the sale and repair of equipment, our activity revolves around coffee beans, hence the name of Coffee Center or

After analyzing alternatives

Our journey began in 2007

We put together the pluses that we, the two associates, saw in each other. It is also the peculiarity that differentiates our company from all the others.

For 14 years we have been putting our skills, our “pluses” together, to create, respectively Suceava Coffee Center.

In all these years we had the chance to find good quality collaborators who aligned themselves with the behavior and attitude of our vision, namely that:
„Man sanctifies the place”.

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A balanced coffee for a productive day

Home coffee blends

If you like the idea that fresh bread bought directly from the bakery is good or sausage bought directly from the grocery store is good, then why not buy coffee directly from the bakery?

The cake gave us the freedom to offer you diversity and freshness. You can choose between coffee that only wakes you up or on the contrary awakens wonderful memories.

That means coffee straight from the bakery!

Simplicity in flavor and shape

Our story continues through:

  • The home consumer , happy to discover that coffee suitable for him;
  • The coffee shop. From us you buy coffee together with an insurance – the technical problems of your equipment will be treated with priority by our service.
  • The cafe – which decides to differentiate itself from the competition by buying its own coffee roaster but especially the freedom to be the master of its own destiny through the blends it will create.
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Our incredible team is here for you

Lucian livadaru

Lucian Livadaru

"Man sanctifies the place!"
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Alexandru Mechetei

Technical Director
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Petrică Ciaparii

Assistant manager
"Happiness lies in small things"
adrian leonti

Adrian Leonti

Electrotechnical engineer
marius prelipcean

Marius Prelipcean

Electrotechnical engineer

Coffee is extremely consumed in our offices. It was important for us to have a quality supplier. We have been customers for years, from coffee to coffee machines. Thank you for the services and products offered to the highest standards.

eugen  sotropa cafeaplus
Eugen Șotropa
CEO eAdvertising

As soon as we opened the business, we realized that we needed a coffee machine to make it available to our customers. The solution came from Cafeaplus, with whom we have been friends and we have been collaborating ever since.

doru pricop cafeaplus
Doru Pricop
CEO Bistro SantAndreea
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